Fanizzi’s Restaurant by the Sea

Window Seat During a Storm on Cape Cod Bay

Ever wonder what it’s like to have a lovely waterfront seat … in Provincetown…on Cape Cod Bay … during high tide … during a storm?

At first, it looks pretty tame. And then…


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Suddenly, you feel like you’re in a car wash!

Recorded April 7, 2016, this was a pretty tame storm at Fanizzi’s by the Sea. It was tame enough that we had the bay front dining room open and allowed lunch patrons to have window seats. We do get storms that are far worse than this. When that happens, we do not let diners sit in the bay room because high tide comes directly under the dining room – in addition to pounding the windows, far worse than this. We have to pull the hurricane shutters down during those big storms. Check out more storm photos.

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